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[12 Sep 2019|05:27pm]



Welcome to Goodland
Your unknown but totally benevolent entity means no harm; in fact, the entity constructs a beautiful city brimming with economic, educational, and social opportunities for all. Sure, things might go wrong occasionally, but what magically created city is perfect? Your awesome entity plucked you out of your timeline to offer you the absolute best life ever. What? You didn't want to live here? Are you crazy? Okay, okay. Your cool entity will try to get you back home. Um, no promises, okay? Magic isn't always reliable.

Some Reality is a panfandom that opened June 15th, 2019.
Join & celebrate three months with us!
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[09 Sep 2019|02:55am]


under the cut! )
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Herotrials - Final Fantasy VIII Multifandom GPSL [07 Sep 2019|07:21pm]


[info]herotrials is a FFVIII GPSL, set twelve years post game. Original plot, dealing with sorceresses, a new religion and an upcoming world war. A few new locations. All Final characters allowed as long as molded to the world. Fandom originals are welcome to, but be wary of having ties to the cast unless discussed. Painless app, with short blurb sections, but we do need writing samples of any character you've played. No painstaking personality writing after non-years of Final Fantasy rping in a game. No full fledged history either. Game opens in ten days or sooner, depending on number of holds and apps.
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[31 Aug 2019|12:27pm]



Four months have now passed since that dreadful day at Hogwarts. The Day Harry Potter was killed. Lord Voldemort's defeat of Harry Potter sparked a new, darker age in the Wizarding World. Death Eaters have begin to build their empire on the back of those they deem lesser than themselves, and slowly but surely they have begun to control their world from the inside out. Soon they will move on from the UK, eyes on other prizes and other muggles for use in their sport and their enslavement programs.

All is not lost however. The Order of the Phoenix that was once scattered, divided and leaderless has begun to rise up against the Death Eaters, plotting and rebuilding their network a little bit at a time. They desire not power, but defeat of the Dark Lord and everything that he has begun to build. All they desire is freedom.


[info]obliviaterpg is a post-war game beginning a month after the final battle at Hogwarts. We will be exploring life in a post-war world where Voldemort has seemingly won.
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[02 Sep 2019|12:11am]


Try To Praise The Mutilated World
Two thousand years ago, deities from pantheons all across the world locked themselves within mortal bodies to escape His wrath. He, the One True God, took the world as His own. Angels watched over humanity, while Demons lured them into damnation.

Then, one day, without warning, He disappeared, and the world fell into a state of chaos. Angels and Demons fought for control, and in the end, Earth was left in ruin, half the human population gone.

Philadelphia, one of the last cities still standing, is the final battle ground. Demons and Angels have gathered there in an attempt to take control. Meanwhile, the deities are awakening within their mortal bodies, and regaining their immortality. If they join the fight, they have a very good chance of coming out on top, and saving humanity just in the nick of time.
Brand new game looking for players.

Any deity from any mythology is welcome -- after all, all pantheons created the world.

You can also play angels, demons, or other mythological creatures.

Low stress environment with unlimited potential storylines.

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Hurricane Dorian [02 Sep 2019|10:38am]


Just so everybody is aware. InsaneJournal is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Unfortunately this occasionally puts is in the path of hurricanes as is possible right now. We are colocated in a secure data center that has a generator with priority for refueling. That said, if we take a direct hit from a Category 5 hurricane, that could mean downtown.

Please be aware that we do have a safe backup of your data in the cloud so if something catastrophic does happen, we will be able to recover.

Also please be aware that as I am preoccupied with this hurricane, Patreon rewards will be delivered a few days late this month.
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